Feedback from Participants

‘Scriptworks provides a vital service to the theatre writing community of Greater Manchester.’ – Baba Israel, Artistic Director/ CEO of Contact

‘There’s no doubt in my mind that if I hadn’t taken my first play, Wednesday, to Scriptworks then I wouldn’t be writing plays. Their advice was fantastically precise. I came out of the session knowing exactly what I had to do. I did it. The play was good. A year later it got 5 stars at Edinburgh’

- Ian Winterton, playwright – Ian’s new play Sherica has been selected for this year’s 24:7 Theatre Festival

‘I brought several versions / extracts of Be Rain For Me to Scriptworks. I found it incredibly useful to hear it read aloud and to receive questions and comments from observers… I also enjoyed the Shortworks session and I benefitted from Conor’s expertise in script construction (and deconstruction!).’

- Suzi Wrenshaw, actor and playwright of ‘Be Rain for Me’ part of Re:play 2011 with The Library and Contact Theatre in Manchester


‘First went along to the group in Autumn 2008. I went to about 4 or 5 sessions with the specific aim of developing one of my scripts, Out of Dead Air. The sessions were very useful (and enjoyable … and friendly) both in terms of developing the script itself, and also giving me more ideas and thoughts on my approach to writing…I do hope to make use of Scriptworks again in the not too distant future when I’ve written the first draft of my latest piece.’

- Mark Murphy, playwright ‘Out of Dead Air’ (The 24:7 Theatre Festival 2008)

‘The principal work that I have developed with Scriptworks is a play called Tin…I am now in a discussion with Metal to develop the play and will be applying to Arts Council England for funding. I believe that readings at script works have provided a foundation to take the work forward. I have also been pleased to be able to share some of Tin with the Script works writing workshop that place in Gambia. I think that it would have been useful to them to hear another voice and approach to writing from a voice within the African Diaspora that they might not have heard or considered.

I am pleased to support Scriptworks and hope to be able to do so in the future. Scriptworks is a most valuable resource.’

- Garry Morris, playwright

‘Useful as an observer and occasional writer to see able actors tackling interesting new work and to hear perceptive analysis being made.’


- Giles Haworth, writer and theatergoer

‘I’ve been coming to Scriptworks since my 2nd year at The Arden. I always find it’s a great environment to be in for developing work you’ve brought in yourself, brushing up on sight-reading skills, or even just dropping in to listen to other peoples work in progress.’

- James Jowett, actor and award winning playwright ‘Working Title’, The 24:7 Theatre Festival, 2008, now a regular contributor to BoJazz

‘I have been involved in the group for about 2 years …I think the sessions are excellent, the honesty is very useful when attending as a writer and I like the way you feel you can deliver honest feedback when you are observing/reading in for other people’s work. The help and encouragement has been very valuable.’


- Hannah Aitken (Mia Darlone) – writer and performer

‘I was about to work with a drama group called Pagam in the Gambia West Africa. When I approached Scriptworks they openly explained how they function and how writers, actors and audience may benefit from the process. They fully guided me in setting up Scriptworks sessions in the Gambia and even handed me scripts to work with. It was an excellent way of motivating Pagam to explore themselves within an international exchange. The Scriptworks sessions with Pagam were filmed and in turn they handed me scripts which I then took to Scriptworks in the UK. It was the willingness of Scriptworks to be exploratory that allowed this exciting project to take place.’

Akiel Chinelo, International Co-Ordinator

‘Since its inception, Scriptworks has grown in strength whilst maintaining its core purpose to be a safe haven for writers and new writing at every level of expertise. The group is managed by committed and dynamic leaders who strive to provide fellow writers with a supportive environment in which to develop their ideas.’

Charlotte Goodwin, writer, actor with Stan’s Cafe & former Head Tutor of PGDip in Writing for Performance, The Arden School of Theatre

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