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Scriptworks is an actor driven script development group.

We currently operate in partnership with Contact, Manchester and with Oldham Coliseum & Oldham Library Studio.

Writers bring scripts which are cold read by professional actors, with a guided workshop afterwards. The sessions ask questions of the script that has been read, to facilitate future drafts.

Further information in our About page, or Contact Us for future details.


Listings for the current season are below.

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Scriptworks Jan-April 2015

Venue: Contact, Manchester

Details to be announced.

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Scriptworks Autumn 2014

Venue: Oldham Coliseum, Oldham Library Studio

Address: Oldham Library & Lifelong Learning Centre, Greaves Street, Oldham, OL1 1AL

Directions: For the purposes of using a Sat Nav, please use the postcode OL1 1AL. If you are travelling to Oldham via Metrolink your nearest stop is Oldham Central (2-3mins walk).

Dates: 6th, 20th October. 3rd, 10th November

Parts will be cast at 6.15pm, and we will start reading before 6.30pm.
Writers need to bring 1 copy of their script per actor plus 2 spare.
Any difficulties please email.
Please appreciate that we need 48 hours notice of any actor/ writer cancellations, this is to allow us to arrange cover.
Due to the nature of the work, individual cancellations may render the session impractical to run.
Conor McKee, Oldham Library and Scriptworks do not accept responsibility for sessions that have to be terminated due to actor/ writer cancellation at less than 48 hours notice, or by failure of writers to bring sufficient copies of script.


6th October (completed)

Stephen Ingram (45 min) 2m, 1 m/f (stg dir & reserve)

Ben Spiro- Hughes (10min, more in reserve) 2m, 2f

Actors 3m, 2f 

Mary Hooton (f)

Marlon Soloman (m)

Victoria May (f)

Steve Titley (m)

20th October

<a group booking has been made for this session>


3rd November

John Ingham (20 min, confirmed, cast tbc)

Vince Kenny (15 min tbc)

Mark Murphy (10 min, tbc)

Actors 3m, 3f tbc

Francesca Smith (f)

Jane Allighan (f,p)

Louise Wilson (f,p)

Ushiku Crisafuli (m)

Steve Titley (m)

Ben Rigby (m)




10th November

J McKune (30 min, confirmed)

Nikki Heywood (p, pending confirmation)

Laura Wild (15 min, confirmed)

Richard Howe (10 min, 3m, 2f, confirmed)

Robert Pegg (25 min, res, 1m, 2f)


Actors 3m, 3f tbc

Jane Allighan (f)

Aliki Chapple (f)

Francesca Smith (f,p)

Vince Kenney (m, res)

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Scriptworks Autumn 2013

List of Bookings Autumn 2013
c= confirmed,
tbc=to be confirmed (may still be available, please enquire)
res= reserve
stg= stage directions
14 Oct – COMPLETE -
Writer – Amir Rahimzadeh (c)
Actors required  -1f, 2m
Female –  Katherine Lunney (tbc), Mary Hooton (res, tbc), Rose van Leyenhorst (2nd res, tbc), Janet Thompson (stg, c)
Male – Alastair Gilles, Marlon Solomon
 Writers – David Morris – Kenny 10 mins 1m, 1f (c), Richard Howe (c) 3m, 3f
 Actors required – 3m, 3f (tbc)
 Female – Janet Thompson (c) , Morag Peacock (c)  Annabel Entress (r, stg)
 Male – Daniel Jackson (c) Alan Cliff (c) Joel Parry (c)
 Writer -Sylvia Elsworth 2m, 1f (20 min, c) Orline Reilley (10 min c) 2 f
 Actors required – 2m, 3f
 Female-  Kaylea Simon (c) Rose van Leyenhorst (c), Mary Hooton (c)
 Male – Alan Cliff (c) Ushiku Criasafulli (c)
TUESDAY 5th Nov (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE from Monday 4th Nov)
 Writer – Adam Blaize (30 min) Giles Haworth (10 min, 5 min)
 Actors required – 5m, 2f (c)
 Female Menyee Lai (c),  Steph Reynolds (c)
 Male: Joel Parry (c) Denholm Spurr (c) James Verity (c) Amir Rahimzadeh (c)
11 Nov
 Writer – Ben Spiro Hughes (20 min)
 Actors required – 2m, 1f, 1 either (c)
Female  Menyee Lai (c) Janet Thompson (c)
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SESSION WILL START  promptly AT 6.15pm and will finish by 7.30PM
18th Nov
 Writer – Alan Cliff (c)
 Actors required – 1f, 1m (tbc)
Female – Steph Reynolds (tbc) Una Love (c)
Male -
25th Nov
 Writer – Katy Mulgrew 3f, 2m
 Actors required – 2m, 3f (tbc)
Female – Katherine Lunney (tbc) Aliki Chapple (c) Rose van Leyenhorst (c)
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Scriptworks 2013

Scriptworks is currently brewing up some new ideas for winter 2013.

These include increased development for actors and regular attendees as well as a refining of the current writer development process.

Provisional dates for 2013 are Mondays in October and November. A full list of dates will be published when these have been confirmed with Contact.

Until then, you can read about our current process on this website, and contact us if you want to join the mailing list or if you have any specific questions.

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Scriptworks Spring 2013

Scriptworks is running the following sessions in the first half of 2013.

11th Feb – Writer: Greg Skulnic – Session Complete
25th Feb – Writer: Alex Cameron – Session Complete
4th Mar – Writers: Gareth Moore – 3 male, 3 female (tbc) required. David Hynes – 3 male, 1 female, 2 either required
11th Mar – Writer: Melanie Rees –  3 male, 3 female (tbc) required.
Please email Scriptworks ( to book in as an actor for the remaining two sessions.
Please get in touch with Contact Box office to book in as a listener for the remaining two sessions
Actors Booked:
4th Mar: (3 male, 3 female, 1 either required): OPEN FOR BOOKINGS
11th Mar: (3 male, 3 female, 1 either required): OPEN FOR BOOKINGS
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Scriptworks Session 5th Nov 2012

Writer Booked:  Ushiku Crisafulli

Actors Needed: 2 female actors, 4 male actors

Actors Booked: Nicole Gaskell (f)  Robin Brunskill (f) Kerry Bennett (f, stg dir, 1st reserve)  Brennan Reece (m) John Reeves (m, stg dir) Amir Rahimzadeh (m)
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Scriptworks Session 29th Oct 2012

Writer Booked:  David Hynes

Actors Required: 5m, 2f

Actors Booked:  

Ben Jewell (m)

Amir Rahimzadeh (m)

Dominic Woodward (m) (reserve)

Janet Thompson (f)

Robin Brunskill (f)

Stephanie Greer (f)

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Scriptworks Session 22nd Oct 2012

Writer Booked: John Waterhouse

Actors Booked: 3m, 3f 

Nicole Gaskell (tbc) Dominic Woodward

Ben Rigby

Leni Murphy

Alastair Zyggu

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Scriptworks Session 1st Oct 2012


Writer Booked: David Spencer
Actors Booked: (4/5m, 2/3f)
Julian Hill, James Patrick, Amir Rahimzadeh, Alastair Zyggu, Ben Rigby (stg dir)
Jyothi Kuna, Katie Boltain, Jennifer Edwards,
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