Guidelines for Writers

Booked Writers:

Please go through the checklist at the bottom of this page.

Length of play:

Scriptworks typically reads pieces of work that are 10m, 30m or what we call a full read. The 30m or under categories are either for self-contained short works, or for excerpts of a longer piece.

Please note that we do not normally deal with synopses. In addition, we do not normally read scripts in advance of a session.

The full read category is intended to give the writer the opportunity of hearing their entire play. However, Scriptworks sessions are intended to last for two hours or there abouts. We find that the analysis and feedback portions of a session tend to last for between 30m and an hour, so if your piece is longer than about 90m then we may ask you to split it into two halves and bring them in for separate sessions.

A number of procedural points for writers:

  1. Can writers who’ve booked in please remember to contact us if they aren’t going to be able to make it, so we can re-allocate the time slot. Earlier rather than later, would be appreciated.
  2. Please try and time your script before suggesting a duration to us. Easiest way to do this is to read it aloud! In a busy session we will be pulling the plug on scripts that run over their allocated time.
  3. Please bring down copies of your scripts, the number you will need to bring will be the number of actors required +2. If you need to print out scripts at Contact it will be at a cost to you of 10p page.
  4. Please email us on confirmation of your booking, listing a) the number of male and female actors required b) the length of your script in pages c) the estimated duration of your script
  5. Please email us with your mobile phone number if you can, as this will assist in contacting you.

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