Terms and Conditions of Shortwaves (Actors)

Applicants must be aged 18 or over on 26th April 2012

  1. Payment to be made on a scale approximate to Equity Stage Rate.
  2. Each script will receive 1-2 hours development, 1-2 hours rehearsal and a half day studio recording, in addition to technical rehearsal and script in hand showcase at Contact.
  3. Minimum expected payment for actors selected is £150
  4. Payment is subject to attendance on all required dates, there will be no sick pay etc for the project.
  5. Scriptworks, Jason Crouch, Sarah Meadows and Conor McKee may use extracts from the work, plus any video, photography or other documentary materials produced for promotional and development purposes.
  6. Terms and conditions subject to alteration before commencement of the project, these will be updated on this website where possible.
  7. Full terms and conditions to be confirmed at the project outset.

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria for candidates will include

  1. How well the actor is likely to respond to our methods and benefit from
  2. Likely benefit of actor to the development, showcase and recording
  3. Likely ability of actor to participate in Q&A sessions

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