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Who are we?


                                     A busy Scriptworks session in Contact’s Space 3


Scriptworks is an independent, volunteer led script development service which hosts regular weekly readings every Monday at Contact in Manchester.

We meet in the lower foyer from 6.00pm aiming to start reading at 6.30pm in whichever space we find ourselves.

Actors are used to cold read new text and drive chaired feedback sessions with professional writers, directors and dramaturgs. Once the reading is finished, we discuss what questions the script leaves us with, and the writer is able to use this as the basis for future script development.

The premise behind the group is that a script is a working document used to make theatre, it is a living thing not a dry piece of literature.

Scriptworks sessions are sessions are are free and open to all. They give new writers an invaluable insight into the development and voice of their work, whilst the actors get a great chance to practice their script-in-hand reading.

So, I can come down as a writer or an actor?

Yes. If you join our mailing list, you’ll receive a weekly update as to what’s going on. Simply reply to the mailer to book yourself as a writer or and actor. Or just pop in if you want to watch.

Scriptworks SessionWhat length of script can I bring?

We generally look at three lengths of script – up to 10 minutes, up to half an hour, and full length. In this manner, it is possible for someone to come to Scriptworks with a ten minute idea, and develop it into a half hour, and then full length play.

What’s next?

After this, the process exists to help the writer to develop future works. Established writers, who have won MEN Awards, had Arts Council Funding, worked on television, with Paines Plough, and who have had  successful productions elsewhere regularly re-attend for this very reason.

How many times can I come?

As many as you like.

Do I have to participate in the session if I come down?

No. You might be encouraged to give your opinion, but we find people can pick up a great deal from observing the sessions and don’t require that you are acting or bringing script if you wish to attend.

How can I help?

Come down, get involved. Have a chat. We’re sure there will be something.

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